Monday, 10 September 2012

Kick box (post 2)

Preparing the kick box took longer then expected. I bought some gloss black paint from my local supermarket and set about painting the kickbox. However, the finished result was terrible. Despite trying to apply the paint on thinly, paint drips still appeared. Small paint balls were also visible. I thought I was being careless, so sand papered down again with fine sand paper and tried painting again. The result was just as poor. The folllowing photos show the process. For sand papering first I used very course paper followed by fine sand paper and a little spit! On the fourth go I tried a different paint. This was Wickes Exterior satin (black) for wood. This gave an excellent finish.

After the paint was dry I attached the four cabinet slides on the corners and mounted the two cabinet wheels. The first picture shows the kickbox in its upright position with the back in view whilst the second photo shows the kickbox underside.The  final arrangement of the kickbox with the castor wheels positioned at the rear is clearly seen. This kickbox including the stand off of the slides adds 17cm to the height of the cabinet!

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