Sunday, 6 January 2013

Some nice t-mold ordered

The existing plastic  t-molding on the cabinet looks very abused and indicates the cabinet must have had a hard working life when it was earning a living from the public. There are quite a few cracked areas, cigarrette burns and  the t-mold is coming away from the grove underneath at some areas. The t-mold is unusual in that it has a two curved grove pattern in it and that makes it look more expensive.

Unfortunately after a long search I still haven't managed to find an identical replacement for it. I did already purchase on Ebay a bag of five small sample t-mold offcuts to see what they could look like on the cabinet.

The modern  t-mold you can buy these days looks quite cheap and they don't come with the grove pattern. The colours also look quite matt. The best modern t-mold seems to be the chrome version, however I quite liked the brass/gold colour of the original t-mold on the cabinet as it went well with the wood colour.

Yesterday for the first time I spotted on Ebay a good candidate t-mold for the cabinet. I had never seen it on an arcade cabinet before. Looks like something that would be seen on the side of a casino table! Its a gold edged t-mold with a blue pattern on the surface. I think this will work, as the blue will also go with the blue theme I have adopted for the screen bezel. Also blue is the colour that seems to have been unofficially adopted by MB for their European Vectrex promotion - and my goal is to make the finished arcade cabinet look like a real cabinet that could have been produced by MB. Anyway I have just ordered 25m of the stuff!

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