Sunday, 8 September 2013

Marquee and screen bezel completed

Following on from the screen bezel cutting I just received the cut marque panels (I got my mate to cut them with his CNC cutting machine). One panel is made from the same blue  Perspex  as the screen bezel and one is a clear perspex. The blue Perspex although doesn't look translucent gives a nice glow when a light is shone from behind it.

I bought another Vectrex sticker vinyl from "bigange83" on eBay and sandwiched it inbetween the two perspex layers. The blue panel is in the back and the clear panel is in the front. In theory, I could sandwich even a colour logo printed on paper and I might just use the Mine Storm graphics in the distant future (if I manage to hack the game so it is coin operated). To hold the marquee in place I used aluminium section. This can be purchased quite cheaply  from many hardware suppliers but I bought two 19mm x 30mm angle sections (item no. 41-2683) from Clas Olson and cut them to the required width in the VecCab. This aluminium is useful stuff as I also used this to support the bottom of the screen bezel perspex and glass.

The photo shows the marquee with the backlight on, and the screen bezel mounted over the Vectrex. The glow looks better in real life...

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