Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cabinet Design

For the finished cabinet I want it to look as professionally made as possible. I know I can think intelligently and design something very well taking into account all sorts of considerations; the problem is when it comes to actually building it. My poor wood working skills are matched by my limited range of tools (maybe that’s the reason ?). I can stick a shelf up but I'm no DIY expert so making a cabinet from scratch is a big "no no" for me. Getting a carpenter to make a cabinet made from my plans would be expensive. There are cabinet kits available but they seem very expensive, full size and would still require modification. An example is the flat pack from Arcade World UK. I liked the idea of flat pack because it would be more manageable for delivery to my house. The dimensions of that cabinet are Height:160cm x Width:58cm x Depth:60cm which I think are pretty near standard. However, the width of that cabinet brings to mind another point I will need to cover in a later blog:- if I were to put a Vectrex in that cabinet it would look really silly because of the Vectrex console's small 9” display and an alternative (bigger) screen would be required. So still searching for a cabinet solution…

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