Sunday, 10 June 2012

In search of and finding a cabinet

So the plan was to purchase an old cabinet from eBay and ideally with a smaller size than those available for purchase as a kit – there are cabinet types called mini arcade – which are narrower and have a smaller foot print then the norm. For around three months I’ve been typing in “arcade cabinet” into the eBay search engine to see what was available. I didn't need a working arcade cabinet and indeed now and then some sorry examples of broken arcade cabinets did appear on the eBay listings with bid prices ranging from £30-£70. However, one thing I didn't take into account was that all the cabinets are large and transportation soon ramps up the cost. All eBay entries for the cabinets demanded collection from the eBay "winner". I bided my time until finally an eBay listing appeared for an arcade cabinet in my locality. It was an old JAMMA cabinet which had seen better days. Some items come with it like a coin mechanism, control panel and power supply but on the whole it is just a carcass - no monitor and no electronics - Ideal for me. I contacted the seller and he told me he had intended it for a MAME conversion but had never got round to it. His wife had been complaining because it was in his living room. I asked him about delivering it and he was happy to bring it round in his car (turns out he only lives 20mins away). I was the only bidder and have won the cabinet at a cost of £40! So now just waiting for confirmation of a mutually agreeable delivery time…

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