Thursday, 7 June 2012


Here's a photo Vectrex fan Rudy sent me a couple years ago showing his  reconstruction of a Mini-Cade which was a Vectrex based bar table top arcade machine which could be seen in some US bars in the 80's. With the Mini-Cade the player had to put money in to get a set amount of time on the Mine Storm game. A red LED flashed when the player was required to add another coin for more game time. When the time runs out the controls are disabled. Interestingly, the Vectrex consoles were used totally unmodified (no software or electronic hardware changes). Even the Vectrex controller is used as is - they just put a metal sheet with cut outs over the top. Four original Mini-Cades are known to still exist.

For me I want to produce a similar looking system but that is full height and when inserting coins you get extra lives rather than time.

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